DVAPPA Scholarship Application – APPA Education Programs

The DVAPPA educational scholarship application consists of two parts:

APPLICANTS – Please follow through and make sure your supervisor completes Part II of the application. Failure to submit Part II will render your application as incomplete and it will not be considered. The final deadline is September 1.

APPA Scholarship Program

APPA Professional Development

Continuing education and professional development are important tools for the enhancement of one’s career in the educational facilities profession. APPA’s six regions offer several generous scholarships each year to individuals who have achieved a level of professional growth and are looking to take the next steps.

ERAPPA Regions:

APPA’s Training Calendar:


ERAPPA Scholarship Program

ERAPPA has established scholarships to help with the financial support for several APPA programs and the ERAPPA Annual Conference. The next application process for scholarships will open on or about April 1, annually and ends on September 1, annually (for scholarships to be used during the next calendar year). Applicants must be employed by ERAPPA member educational institutions.


DVAPPA Scholarship Program

The DVAPPA Educational Scholarship Program opens every year on April 1st and closes on September 1st.

A maximum of two (2) scholarships are granted annually that the awardee may use for expenditures related to tuition, hotel and/or travel related to the above programs. The scholarships will be issued as a reimbursement of expenditures to the recipient. Appropriate documentation of the expenses will be required to receive the reimbursement of up to $2,500. Should total reimbursement be less than $2,500, the difference will be retained by the Chapter and reallocated to the scholarship fund.

Educational Scholarship Program awards are for the calendar year following submission and are announced at the DVAPPA Fall Meeting (typically held in October). For example: if you are applying for a scholarship in 2024 the award is available for use at a 2025 program.

You can learn more about the various APPA professional development training programs by visiting http://www.appa.org and clicking on the Training drop-down menu.

The primary APPA programs for which scholarships are available are the twice-yearly, four-track Institute for Facilities Management and the annual Leadership Academy. You must be a member of APPA to qualify. For information and criteria specific to your region, please contact the Professional Development representative listed below.


DVAPPA Scholarship Application – to be filled out by applicant

DVAPPA Scholarship Application – to be filled out by your supervisor

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DVAPPA: Constitution, By-Laws and Scholarship Program

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